Andrew Galstian

Magic the Gathering: A Community of Competition

Andrew, artist smiling at the camera


 I’m creating a documentary film about me and my friend’s trip to a Magic the Gathering Tournament in NJ and our personal experiences with the game’s community.

Artist Statement:

    As an artist, I’ve tried my hand at whatever I could get in front of me. I’ve tried illustrating, movie making, 2D animating, 3D animating, graphic designing, and script writing. Right now, I’ve settled in on video editing and movie making. It’s been my longest running skill set to date, ever since I was in middle school. Most of my previous work involved producing short videos and I’ve made some money exercising my skills in Adobe Premiere and After Effects by teaching children between the ages of 7-18 video production over the past 3 summers. I’m most confident in my capabilities as a film artist and I’d say that my second-best strength would be in my abilities in graphic design.

Preview of Work:

Link to portfolio of work.