Chase Aveta



     There are very few people in the world are born with Synesthesia, and I discovered that I happen to be one of them. It is a condition where a stimuli in one sense can trigger the stimuli in another sense simultaneously. There are two kinds of Synesthesia, associative and projective. Associative is when these stimuli create intense feelings or thoughts throughout the body and mind. Projective is when this stimuli actually shows in your vision, like colors in the corners of your eyes, or some sort of visual. My goal of my thesis is to mimic these feelings that I have experienced through music, lights, and visuals. With the combined efforts of my friends Zaire Wilson, and Mike Savini we hope to bring a concert to the school that will strengthen our student body. This concert will be a Synesthetic Experience to end off our years at RPI.

Artist Statement:

    My ultimate goal is to help people. My thought behind this is that if I share my mind through visual music, maybe it will help other people understand their own mind. The hardest part about growing up, is the feeling that you are the only one experiencing what you are going through. But, not understanding that other people feel that way too.

Preview of Work:

Springs album cover. The words Springs in white on a black background
Spring Logo.Click to see the full work.