Daniel Stockbridge

The Overgrown King

Daniel, man with glasses smiling at the camera


In this project I will design, model, rig, and animate a hypothetical game character to test and improve my abilities in my desired field, resulting a well animated portfolio piece. I will be fulfilling every role in this production meaning I have an opportunity to develop and showcase multiple skills. This project is important to me because it proves (to me and any companies I send my portfolio to) that I am capable of creating models and animations of a professional quality.

Artist Statement:

     As an artist I have focused primarily on character art and animation, enjoying the idea of creating things and then bringing them to life. I have enjoyed games and animated shows and films for as long as I can remember, so I have don’t my utmost to gain skills relating to animation in both games and films. The two are closely related, with the implementation and timing being the key differences. Through this project I hope to showcase many of the skills needed in the development and animation of a character, whether in game or film. Characters in both media must be sketched and designed, their movements storyboarded and timed out, and then they must be modeled and rigged, before ultimately the scene is animated and rendered. I have sought to familiarize myself with all of these skills, and through this project I hope to hone and perfect them.

Preview of Work:

Render of Overgrown King. Skeleton sitting on a throne
Render of The Overgrown King. Click to view the full work.