Elaine Chao

Elaine, artist standing in front of the camera



Inflammatory is a 2D animation adapted from a short story I wrote titled The Heart Attack. The narrative follows the memory of an alien living on Earth of their uncle’s angry outburst at his son during a seasonal family dinner on Neptune. Through the use of character color changes, voice, and music composition, I plan to create an entertaining story that also shows the negative impact of excessive anger on the angered subject and those around them.

Artist Statement:

  As with many artists, I try to create art with a narrative and at least some meaning. Whether or not it ends up impacting a large number of people, I create digital art and animation with those two ideologies in mind. I like mixing fantastical elements with more mundane, everyday problems and situations as well as using symbolism to express my ideas and experiences. The art and writing I have done tend to function as outlets for my frustrations and anxieties in life, namely family dynamics and isolation.

Preview of Work:

Frame of Inflammatory. The family sitting in the dinning room eating
Frame of Inflammatory. Click to view the full work.