Emily Lockwood



Over the past 90 years the percentage of girls that experience their first period before the age of 10 has increased dramatically. This phenomenon, known as precocious puberty, is marked by the changing of a child’s body into that of an adult too soon. At this point in their lives, many young girls are under educated and lack the support and resources needed to deal with this life changing experience in a stress-free way. My own experiences as a woman in dealing with puberty and the ever increasing prevalence of young girls going through puberty, have sparked my interest in creating a change. Through my thesis project, luna, I hope to increase accessibility and push us one step closer to destigmatizing menstrual care.

Artist Statement:

     Growing up in Mahwah, New Jersey, every chance I had I was finding some way to create. Whether it was doodling in my writing notebook or making short animations instead of essays for my class assignments, I spent my entire childhood seeking ways to bring art into my work. Going into high school I knew I wanted a greater focus of my schooling to be on the arts, so I applied to a magnet school, Bergen County Academies, for the Academy for Visual Art. It was here that I learned about my passion for design. Going into my college search I looked specifically at schools that offered a combined technical and arts degree, ultimately leading me to the Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Art and Communication at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

I moved to Troy, New York, to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and took a breadth of classes in different artistic and technical fields. I pursued my interest in design through courses in media studies and digital imaging. I also focused on expanding my expertise by taking some introductory business courses. These courses sparked my interest in the management field and inspired me to learn more about how my design skills could be applied to business. I continued my education at RPI in the Lally Business School to receive my Master in Technology, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. Following graduation I will be moving to New York City to work as a visual designer at a consulting firm.

Preview of Work:

Luna’s Final Mock up. Click to view the full work.