Kelly Wang


Kelly, artist smiling shyly at the camera


Alley explores the aesthetic and physical features of a public alleyway in Japan. By using 3D modeling, texturing, finalized with lighting and rendering, it tries to reveal multiple facets of this often unseen area of an urban city.

Artist Statement:

The relationship between people as well as people and their living spaces inspire me. Influenced by isolated modern society, nostalgic longing, and everyday life, I want to use art as the medium to explore different emotions and feelings. In the meantime, as a multi-disciplinary individual, I enjoy learning new software and techniques to create compelling projects. Learning to become a liaison between art and technology would be a life-long course for me.

Preview of Work:

Alley Preview. A dark night with only the light of the store illuminating the sidewalk
Render of Alley. Click to view the full work.