Leo Price


Leo, artist with only his face showing and a fake bird on his head


Puddles is a game designed to encourage free form play and evoke feelings of joy and comfort. 2d illustration and animation is utilized to bring the whimsical environment of the puddle to life. Shiny treasures such as marbles, bottlecaps, and rubberbands, each of which change the sounds of the environment, are scattered throughout the puddle, encouraging the payer to explore and play. Quick and responsive movement coupled with fluid water animation, is designed to encourage the players to swim joyfully around the puddle. Bubbles in and above the puddle provide targets that pop satisfyingly when the player swims or leaps through them in the form of a raindrop.

Artist Statement:

Leonardo is a musician, game developer, and animator who makes games that give the player freedom to explore. He is probably drawing a frog right now.

Preview of Work:

Leo puddle game
Render of Puddles. Click to view the full work.