Mariam Elasser

Mariam, artist making a funny face to the camera

Don’t Forget Morocco


A documentary exploring the realities of cultural and personal loss relating to the pottery industry and traditions of my mother’s hometown Safi, Morocco.

Artist Statement:

      As a first generation immigrant, my understanding of my heritage and identity is torn between two places: America and Morocco. Over the course of this year, I took that lack of understanding and attempted to build upon the sense of family and belonging that I had inherited from my main cultural tie to my homeland, my mother. Passing down heirlooms, memories, and customs has often been the role of mothers and by examining that tie more deeply, I was able to find a richness of resources previously unknown to me.
My work deals with the various ways of documenting the world and history around us. Whether that be through audio recording, photography, or videography, I find that methods of direct documentation and the process through which we retrieve them gives us just as valuable insight as the final product. Throughout this project I have learned so much about my own identity and the history of the women in my own family and hope to continue this learning as I move forward with my work.

Preview of Work:

Preview of Dont forget Morrocco a man stanign next to a food stall
Preview of Don’t Forget Morocco. Click to view the full work.