Sam Chung

Cubicle Tale

Sam, man standing confidently with sharpie drawn frogs behind him


In Cubicle Tale, I try to explore the relationship between a player’s preconceived biases about games narratives and their actual experience playing games. Often, these biases can drive familiar systems or tropes in games such as story branching and dialogue trees, and they are useful for developers in presenting their games in ways that players can identify with. My main goal for this project was to try and put you, the player, on as level a playing field as possible with the characters you might interact with on a dialogue level, so this game is presented in a visual novel format. Cubicle Tale is a visual novel game where you, the player, take on the role of a new hire at in an office building. As you play, you might learn some things that are useful to progress in the game, and some that are not.

Artist Statement:

  Sam Chung is an animator/illustrator specializing in games. They’ve worked on projects such as: “Unfinished game .*” and “Skunk Dating Simulator.” They are ready to get a job and do more excellent work of this caliber, but this time for money.

Preview of Work:

Title Card of Cubicle Tale. Click Here See Artist Portfolio. Click the Image to Play the Game. Password is: wemadelemons