Tyler Gandolfo

American Ghoul

Tyler, artist standing confidently in front of the camera


A sleazy late night conspiracy theory show (in the vein of Twilight Zone Night Gallery or Unsolved Mysteries) tells the story of a man encountering a mysterious entity from another dimension who takes the form of a video game character.

Artist Statement:

I’ve been drawing and doodling since I was cognitient enough to hold a pencil, but I didn’t even think about taking up art as a career path until about 6 years ago. Since then I’ve tried to completely immerse myself in every medium I can get my hands on; whether that be illustration, animation, film, comics, ancient wood carvings, all the classics. So when designing my thesis, I wanted to strive for multimedia, while also writing something that can feasibly be completed within 8 months. Having completed it, I definitely see that this surrealist retro style is definitely something I want to continue refining after graduation. Even if whatever job I end up getting doesn’t give me that kind of creative freedom, that’s what freelance and working on my off-time is for.

Preview of Work:

Title card fro American Ghoul with very much 80s flair
Title Card of American Ghoul. Click to view the full work

Twitter: twitter.com/TyGandolforama
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tygandolforama/
Artstation: www.artstation.com/tygandolfo