Yi Ning

Urban Legends

Yi, artist standing in front of the camera


     The project started out with a question: should games be considered as a form of art? In my mind, the answer is obviously yes. Game is a form of art, just like movies and novels. But games could be more attractive than the traditional medias like movies and novels. Since games are made to be played by players, it is much more interactive than the traditional medias. Players could experience the game while they dive into the world that created by the game, and experience the world that the artist created behind the game. 

     The thesis starts here, but tries to develop more than this. I, as a game designer and as an artist, am trying to maximize the interactive interacting process. By using the environment and sound effect in the game, I want to manipulate and maximize the players’ experience and feeling towards a certain emotion. In the thesis, the specific emotion is “Horror”. The urban legends are going to be the base story of the game, just like all the short horror novels people could find online. The focus point of the game is the environment, including the sound effects. Unlike the general horror games in the market, by simply using the model textures, lightning effect and sounds, I am trying to create a horror game that has no jump scares but at the same time, maximize the players’ feeling of horror while they are playing the game.

Artist Statement:

     My understanding towards artists is that artists create works that provoke of the emotions from the viewers. And what the viewers feel is exactly what the artists want them to feel. A good artist should have a perfect way to convey the emotion through the media directly to the viewers. In this thesis, I want the players to experience the sense of horror when they are playing the game I will create. By utilizing and maximizing my skill in modeling and texturing, I’m trying to build a world of horror that players could enjoy the sense of horror simply through the environment, rather than the traditional way to create horror like jump scares. 

     Culture is another important way to create the sense of horror. People live in different culture background and have a certain fear toward a specific kind of things. My goal on this project is to create the sense of horror based on the dark sides of Chinese culture and merge them to a game.

Preview of Work:

Yi game render
Render of Urban Legends. Click to view the full work.